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FreeCol 0.7.0

Colony Advisor


Foreign Affairs

Map Editor

FreeCol 0.5.2

Mapboard 1 Mapboard 2

FreeCol 0.4.0


Labour Report

FreeCol 0.3.0

Founding fathers

The colony screen

First landing

Ship arrived

FreeCol 0.3.0 development version

Building a colony
The colony screen

FreeCol 0.2.0

Using newly acquired units from Europe to explore the map.

FreeCol Client 0.1.0

Exploring the map, note the color chips and the tiny white stripes (multiple units on one tile).

FreeCol Client 0.0.4

Move on land
Shows a free colonist walking on land.
Shows the dialog that appears when the user moves a ship into land.
The first screenshot of the Java client. Impossible to see is that this is the first client-server screenshot (the client is connected to a C++ server). This is a full-screen screenshot using Java 2 v 1.4's fullscreen support.
Older Versions

FreeCol Client 0.0.2 (SDL/OpenGL)

A randomly generated map with bonuses, indian villages, etc.
A randomly generated map with randomly generated starting positions.
Map with cursors
The map screen.
The map screen again.
The docks in Europe (with the Colonization art).

FreeCol Client 0.0.1 (SDL/OpenGL)

The Menu
The original Colonization menu in the original colors.
Opening Screen
The opening screen.
The Menu - blue
The original Colonization menu.