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The latest version of FreeCol:

The latest version of FreeCol:

JAVA INSTALLER freecol-0.11.6-installer.jar Platform independent installer
WINDOWS INSTALLER freecol-0.11.6-installer.exe Windows Installer
MACOSX freecol-0.11.6-mac.tar.bz2 Package for MacOSX
JAVA INSTALLER freecol-0.11.6-installer.jar Platform independent installer
.ZIP freecol-0.11.6.zip Precompiled .zip

Distribution files with source code included:

JAVA INSTALLER WITH SOURCES freecol-...-with-sources.jar Platform independent installer with sources
SOURCE .ZIP freecol-0.11.6-src.zip Precompiled .zip with source code included


All platforms:
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768
  • Java Virtual Machine version 1.8 or above


Windows users should download freecol-0.11.6-installer.exe. You can run the file directly or save it to disk. If you choose the latter then just double-click the file once it's downloaded.

Mac OS X users should download freecol-0.11.6-mac.tar.bz2. Just double click the downloaded file and copy the resulting 'FreeCol' to some place (e.g. your Application folder). FreeCol has some problems running on Mac OS X, so you should save your game frequently.

Users that know how to start a java program can download freecol-0.11.6-installer.jar. Start the installation program by running the command: "java -jar freecol-0.11.6-installer.jar". This installer is recommended for Linux users.

If you don't need a desktop icon and you know how to start a java program then you can download freecol-0.11.6.zip. The same applies for freecol-0.11.6-src.zip, but the source files are included as well in these two packages. In that case you might want to take a look at the README file to get information on how to compile and run FreeCol.

Help, Feedback & Bugs:

Help requests and feedback can be sent via e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please submit bugs through the SourceForge bug tracker and request new features by using the feature request tracker.