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Sunday, 12 June 2011
We have released FreeCol 0.10.0. The new release should be able to read all 0.9.x savegames.
Changes to increase Colonization compatibility:
  • secondary production no longer benefits from plowing
  • horse production consumes less food
  • treasure from destroyed native settlements is now closer to the original
  • choice of cargo to loot when winning a naval battle
  • clearing a tile will sometimes uncover a resource
  • Spanish national advantage now includes attack bonus against natives
  • Ships bought in Europe now arrive in the New World at the point where the last ship departed for Europe.
Other user-visible changes:
  • new theme
  • selectable rules
  • custom difficulty
  • new goods type "grain"
  • "clear forest" accelerator is now "C", "center" is now "Ctrl-C"
  • display the last sale price of goods at native settlements
  • colony production code has been re-written
  • Many bugs fixed: The open bug list has been reduced from nearly 400 to less than 150, of which nearly 50 more are ready to be closed soon, many of them some quite old :-).
Other changes:
  • better client-server communication, reduces synchronization issues
  • cleaned up external dependencies (cortado, etc.)
  • fixed sound for some (most/all?) users
  • localization files are now encoded as UTF-8

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